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Turned inward, aware of my own transience and sensitivity. I create.

Becoming silent with an emotion, a memory...

Giving attention to ensure existence and thus counteract the sedation.
Out of fear of forgetting and the urge to collect, I create booklets...
These booklets, my personal islands, are filled with touch and the basis for my spatial work.

Honest and sincere with no frills. Cherish in recognisability.

Materials marked by time. Layered in softness. Imperfect.
shaky balance.

In simplicity.

My sculptures arise from emotions, from snapshots of vulnerability.
They are poetic images in which various materials enter into a dialogue with each other and keep each other in balance.
It is a game of attraction and repulsion.

Tangible emotions. Looking for connection.

Gently in motion. Stillness in attention. Moments of time.

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